Disclaimer: Kangen water is not intended to diagnose, treat, heal, cure or prevent any disease because we will be sharing about WATER AND PROPER HYDRATIONnot drugs and/or nutritional supplements.

Enagic is the only water ioniser manufaturer in the world that produces STRONG ACIDIC WATER (pH 2.5) and STRONG KANGEN WATER (pH 11.5). These water help patients with common ailments to stabilise their conditions.

Here are a few REAL CASE STUDIES obtained from real people who have experienced wondrous effects on their ailments with Kangen water.

Case Study #1: Psoriasis

This patient suffered psoriasis for more than 30 years. Doctors have said to him that there were no more ways to help with his condition. In 2011, he started drinking Kangen water according to his body weight, and cleaning and spraying his wounds with Acidic water. After about one and a half months, his condition was stabilised as shown in the following pictures.

Before drinking Kangen Water – 1st Nov 2011

After drinking Kangen Water – 21st Dec 2011

Case Study #2: Eczema

This patient has eczema and after drinking Kangen water and spraying Acidic water on the affected area like the above patient, the results are as shown.

Before drinking Kangen Water

After 14 days of Kangen Water

Case Study #3: Gangrene

This patient was supposed to amputate his legs in 3 weeks’ time when he started to soak his legs in Acidic water and drinking sufficient amount of Kangen water every day. His legs were saved and the amputation was avoided.

Before drinking Kangen Water

After 21 days of Kangen Water

Case Study #4: Urea and Uric Acid

After consuming Kangen water for a month, the amount of urea and uric acid in the blood show great improvement but did not disappear completely. However, continuous drinking of Kangen water eliminates the toxic effect of the urea and uric acid completely.

Before drinking Kangen Water

After 30 days of Kangen Water

list is not exhaustive…
For the past 7 years, we have met many other satisfied customers who benefitted from drinking Kangen water and stabilised their medical conditions that have troubled them for many years.