Kangen Water

Kangen means “Return to Origin” in Japanese. Kangen water, also known as Hexagonal Kangen water, must be:

  • Alkalysed;
  • Micro-clustered; and have
  • High antioxidants.

Rich in ionic minerals like calcium, research has shown that Kangen water increases bone density as well.

It is a “free radical scavenger”, it provides a way for toxins to exit the body by neutralizing the positive charges with its abundant free electrons.

3 Properties of Kangen Water

1) Antioxidation

Do you want to look like 30 years old when you are 50?

Our body ages due to free radicals.

They cause oxidation in our body and come from radiation by smartphones, UV rays from the sun, stress, and many more.

However, the process can be slowed down with antioxidants. 

The higher the amount of antioxidants in the form of electrons, the more the reduction of oxidative stress in our body.

This minimize the risk of cancer and the onset of other diseases.

With negative ~ –400 ORP, Kangen water has the HIGHEST ANTIOXIDANT measured compared to any liquid on the planet, as shown in the picture.

2) Alkalinity

Many of us lead an acidic lifestyle:

  • Eating a lot of meat
  • Drinking carbonated drinks
  • Experiencing negative emotions, and
  • Not having enough sleep.

This unhealthy lifestyle turns our body into an acidic state, where we are susceptible to sickness and diseases. When our body reaches pH 6, cancer cells start attacking.

However Kangen water can bring our body’s pH closer to the optimum pH.

This is because Kangen water machines can produce very consistent, chemical-free alkalysed water throughout their lifespans of 15 to 25 years.

They do so by using high quality, medical grade titanium plates to conduct electrolysis in the water passing through them.

Thus when we drink Kangen water every day, we create a healthy environment for the cells in our body to carry out their cellular activities.

This way, we have a stronger immune system and do not fall sick easily in the long term.

3) Micro-clustering

Cells in our body only accept molecules that fit one criterion – small size.

Kangen water molecules are much smaller than tap water molecules.

This way, we can ensure that our body absorbs more of the water that we intake so it is truly, sufficiently hydrated.

Eating supplements? Nope, don’t stop.

Kangen Water is chemical-free, it does not provide you the nutrients you need, other than minerals.

However, you can take supplements together with Kangen Water to enhance the absorption of the nutrients needed by your body.