5 Types of Water:

Kangen water pH 8.5 – pH 9.5

Clean water pH 7.0

Beauty water pH 6.0

Strong Acidic water pH 2.5*

Strong Kangen water pH 11.5*

*Enagic is the only water ionizer manufacturer in the world that produces Strong Acidic water (pH 2.5) and Strong Kangen water (pH 11.5).

These two types of water boost indoor eco-friendliness and greatly reduce the use of toxic chemicals in your household, offices, cars and many more.

For example, Strong Acidic water can be used as a disinfectant when contained in a small spray bottle. The strong acidity denatures living bacteria naturally, without any use of chemicals, hence it is safe for families with kids.

The list below shows how each function can be carried out solely with its corresponding type of water from the Kangen water machine without the use of chemicals.

Note: Strong Acidic water, Strong Kangen water and Beauty water are not for drinking, but rather for external uses, removing oil stains, washing raw meat, and etc.

Put a Water Mountain in Your Home

With antioxidants, alkalinity and micro-clustering, you can ensure that Kangen water is the best water in the world for your family’s health. Mix formula milk and herbs with the respective types of water from Kangen water machines to enhance the absorption of vitamins and nutrients.

  • Drinking – Kangen water
  • Hot drinks – Kangen water
  • Formula milk – Clean water
  • Western medication – Clean water
  • Herbs / Supplements – Kangen water

Eat Only The Healthiest

When you eat vegetables and fruits, does it mean that you are eating healthily? Maybe yes, but maybe no. Oil-based pesticides and herbicides are components of agriculture and hence they are part of what you eat if you do not remove them. Alkalysed water made from Kangen water machines such as Kangen Water and Strong Kangen Water are able to emulsify the oil-based chemicals and remove them. 

  • Wash vegetables and fruits – Strong Kangen water
  • Clean raw seafood – Strong Acidic water
  • Wash rice – Kangen water
  • Cook spaghetti – Beauty water
  • Brew herbs – Kangen water

Live in an Eco-Friendly Home

Say goodbye to excessive chemicals in your home. Replace them with Kangen water. Eliminate the layer of grease on your cooker hook in less than one minute without soap. Chase away the odour in your refrigerator and pets. Wipe windows and floors using pure water and still make them shiny.

  • Laundry – Strong Kangen water
  • Clean oil-stained cooker hook – Strong Kangen water
  • Keep refrigerator clean and odour-free – Strong Acidic water
  • Clean glass panels – Beauty water
  • Remove limescale on shower screens – Strong Acidic water
  • Mop floor – Beauty water
  • Eliminate pet odours on carpets – Strong Acidic water
  • Disinfectant – Strong Acidic water

View People With Confidence

Save money on ineffective creams for your skin problems. Reduce the amount of chemicals you are putting into your body. Use Kangen water and see how it helps with pimples, dry skins and rashes.

  • Skin hydration – Beauty water
  • Dry skin / Combination skin – Strong Kangen water
  • Eczema – Beauty water / Strong Acidic water
  • Nappy rashes – Beauty water
  • Make-up removal – Strong Kangen water

Save Trips to the Doctor

Mini Accident & Emergency (A&E)

In case you wake up feeling unwell at night, you can use the various types of water as quick solutions to common cold and flu, sore eye and diarrhoea before seeing a doctor the next morning.

  • Diarrhoea – Strong Acidic water
  • Sore eyes – Strong Kangen water
  • Sore throat – Strong Acidic water
  • Swelling and inflammation – Strong Kangen water
  • Psoriasis – Beauty water / Strong Acidic water
These lists are not exhaustive…
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